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In The Studio

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Home Fires Theme is played on the Clare Balding Radio 2 show

(13.5.17 – Updated Sheet Music Link!) This morning Clare Balding joined the many people who have contacted me, pleading live on …

Popular Voiceworks 2

I was fortunate to actually hear my doorbell this morning. I have a pitifully small letterbox, so if I don’t catch the …

The original coevr of Dolly Parton singing I Will Always Love You

The puzzling story of the Cover as opposed to the Standard. Remember that I love to read your comments so feel free …

pictures of the larynx and inflamed vocal folds with laryngitis

Last Week I wrote My Sister Wants Me To Go On The Voice and this week, as if a bizarre message has …

Joe Talbot and Pauline the producer with singer Heather Cairncross

On March 19th, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by my favourite BBC Sussex presenter, Joe Talbot. He was every bit …

set up of the microphones for vocal recording

I wanted to tell you about the actual recording process and finally the big day had arrived. Remember that I love to …


The last few days I’ve been choosing songs and thinking about the best microphone to use on the new album. After the …


Today I begin my diary about making an album, highlighting the pitfalls I discover on the way. (I think I can …


Apologies for the long break since my last blog pot. One of the reasons is that I have been working hard …


Today I heard a quote which really struck home: “It is never too late to be what we might have been” It …


Now that Susan Boyle’s CD The Gift has been released for pre-order (and has already gone to the top of the …


This week I sang with the wonderful LSO again – this time in a concert to launch Tolga Kashif’s The Genesis Suite. …

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