Home Fires Theme Music

Home Fires Theme is played on the Clare Balding Radio 2 show

(13.5.17 – Updated Sheet Music Link!) This morning Clare Balding joined the many people who have contacted me, pleading live on Radio 2 for the theme music from the ITV Drama Home Fires to be released commercially. Well obviously she didn’t contact me herself…..sigh….. Lots of people would like to get their hands on a […] Read the rest of this post»

Popular Voiceworks – Take Two

Popular Voiceworks 2

I was fortunate to actually hear my doorbell this morning. I have a pitifully small letterbox, so if I don’t catch the postman, (who, I’m convinced. simply tickles my doorbell and quickly runs away) I’m forced to wait another day. I then have to traipse to the main sorting office and queue for ages with […] Read the rest of this post»

The Cover Story As Standard

The original coevr of Dolly Parton singing I Will Always Love You

The puzzling story of the Cover as opposed to the Standard. Remember that I love to read your comments so feel free to comment in the box below this post. This month the title track of my CD At Last will be featured on the MusicWeek sampler of unsigned acts for May. I know it’s […] Read the rest of this post»

Listen Again

Apologies for the long break since my last blog pot. One of the reasons is that I have been working hard on the rest of the website and wanted to encourage you to have look round. Particularly, there are some new recordings on the Listen page which I hope you all enjoy. Heather If you […] Read the rest of this post»

Never Too Late

Today I heard a quote which really struck home: “It is never too late to be what we might have been” It was attributed to George Eliot but when I looked it up online I found an excellent bit of research by Mr Alex Measday. He surmised that although it was commonly attributed to Eliot, […] Read the rest of this post»