Home Fires Theme Music

Home Fires Theme is played on the Clare Balding Radio 2 show

(13.5.17 – Updated Sheet Music Link!)

This morning Clare Balding joined the many people who have contacted me, pleading live on Radio 2 for the theme music from the ITV Drama Home Fires to be released commercially. Well obviously she didn’t contact me herself…..sigh…..

Lots of people would like to get their hands on a copy of the sheet music too!

Here’s what she said:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(Actual Theme removed for rights reasons)

Such is its popularity, that by today, 89 people have shared the link I posted on Facebook of the audio file from composer Samuel Sim’s Soundcloud profile. Nearly 4000 people have been reached – with no promotion apart from the original share at all! Read the rest of this post»

How To Print Your Boarding Passes With No Ads To Save Ink

I made a short video showing you how to print your boarding passes onto one page without all the pesky ads so you can save your printer ink. I had an hour spare in my hotel room in Freiburg and this is what I came up with – I hope it’s useful and feel free to share it!


Women In Radio | Part Two: The London Event

“Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to attend our Women in Radio Day at BBC Broadcasting House, London on Thursday 20th March.”

The Advert asking me to apply for WIR EventThis is the email I received on Valentine’s Day whilst eating my breakfast in Miami Beach! You can read about the events leading up to to getting this email in my previous blog post. I ended that article with the words:

“It would be an understatement to say I was thrilled – this was perhaps an opportunity for a different career path, something I could develop alongside singing, maybe combining lots of things I loved with life experience. It was an open ended opportunity to do something……I just didn’t quite know what.”

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The big day of the Women In Radio London Event had arrived. We had been emailed a schedule for the day’s events and even temporary BBC WiFi log in details.  I’d done my best to prepare for the day. I had re-read the blogs of two participants on the Manchester and Birmingham Events. I’d written down questions I wanted to ask in a shiny new pad bought especially for the day, read the newspapers and listened to local radio non stop – that wasn’t so hard as I am a regular listener. I’d googled the event speakers so I knew their backgrounds and what they looked like and followed and tweeted those who were on Twitter – including Sara David, the Managing Editor of my local station, Radio Sussex, to ask if she’d be attending.

In our application we’d had to state our local stations in order of preference. I live in Hove, so Sussex was my first choice – Surrey and Kent were the other two, although they’re both quite far away. Unfortunately there’s not a local pirate radio station in the sea at the end of my road so this cuts off 50% of geographical possibilities. By the time I actually set off for London I was ridiculously nervous. Read the rest of this post»

Women In Radio London Event | Part One: How I Got There

Women In Radio Events

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to attend our Women in Radio Day at BBC Broadcasting House, London on Thursday 20th March.

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For those of you who know me well, you’ll be aware that I am a big fan of local radio. It all started when I bought a bungalow in Findon Valley as a renovation project: my financial rescue plan.

After the terrible events of 9/11, American composers stopped flying to the UK to record British choirs for film soundtracks. Overnight my singing income dropped by a third. I had to find something to do to make enough money to survive but which was also flexible and I could drop if a tour came up. The elderly lady who lived next door to my Dad decided to emigrate to Australia to live with her daughter. He was going to New Zealand and as he helped and kept an eye on her, she decided it was time to make the move.

I remortgaged my lovely flat in Hove, based on the letting income (those were the golden borrowing days!) and released some equity to use as a deposit on the bungalow and pay for the nearly all the renovations. It was a peach of a project.  A good, solid building with a big garden and a view over the Downs and Cissbury Ring. The lady had bought it as a new-build with her husband in the fifties, when they were newlyweds. The bungalow was in good repair (my Dad had helped with that) but it looked like it hadn’t been decorated since the early seventies. I moved in and lived in one very dusty room with boxes piled up to the ceiling and going to the loo, washing and cooking next door at my Dad’s place. He had sent his furniture ahead on a container ship but had left me a single reclining chair which I regularly fell asleep in after a hard day’s graft. Read the rest of this post»

Britten In China – Beijing

Shanghai StationThe last minute scramble for breakfast was hectic. I always pity the poor breakfast staff in hotels when half an hour before the allotted leaving time, hordes of singers descend on the restaurant like a plague of locusts and then, as suddenly as we arrive, all disappear leaving a trail of dirty plates and discarded food. There was no chance of ‘breakfast banditry’ here. No cheeky, emergency sandwich, piece of cake or an apple for later. The Chinese staff were draconian. The day before, I had tried to take a small glass of milk to my room for a cup of tea and had it snatched by an indignant waitress.

The two buses loaded up and headed out of Shanghai. (Click here to read the Shanghai diary)

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When we drew up at the station it looked more like a huge airport. Read the rest of this post»