Home Fires Theme Music

Home Fires Theme is played on the Clare Balding Radio 2 show

(13.5.17 – Updated Sheet Music Link!) This morning Clare Balding joined the many people who have contacted me, pleading live on Radio 2 for the theme music from the ITV Drama Home Fires to be released commercially. Well obviously she didn’t contact me herself…..sigh….. Lots of people would like to get their hands on a […] Read the rest of this post»

Women In Radio | Part Two: The London Event

The Women In Radio London Event celebrating

“Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to attend our Women in Radio Day at BBC Broadcasting House, London on Thursday 20th March.” This is the email I received on Valentine’s Day whilst eating my breakfast in Miami Beach! You can read about the events leading up to to getting […] Read the rest of this post»

Britten In China – Beijing

The last minute scramble for breakfast was hectic. I always pity the poor breakfast staff in hotels when half an hour before the allotted leaving time, hordes of singers descend on the restaurant like a plague of locusts and then, as suddenly as we arrive, all disappear leaving a trail of dirty plates and discarded […] Read the rest of this post»